Sketch UX designs

I am currently redesigning a static website for SAIDIA, the largest non-government health provider in Kenya’s Samburu District, and recreating it in WordPress,

SAIDIA is a community-based organization that works with the local people to provide basic curative and preventive health services, education bursaries and support for community-led development initiatives. The communities in SAIDIA’s catchment area have built nearly 600km of roads by hand to ensure that SAIDIA’s services can reach them. SAIDIA has sponsored more than 80 students through secondary and tertiary education. Most have returned to Samburu to contribute to their communities as teachers, nurses, civil servants and wildlife managers.

Sitemaps, Storyboards, and Prototypes (pre-wireframe days)

Before user experience was called ‘UX’ and I was working as a Project Manager, Creative Producer, and Instructional Designer my role was to create sitemaps, storyboards and create functional prototypes.  See Vodafone prototype authored in Macromedia Director.

Print Publication

UX is not confined to the digital realm, of course.  The look and feel of printed matter matters too.  I edited and created the layout and design for this CORDIO (Coastal Oceans Research and Development in the Indian Ocean) publication, which details the legality, use, and misuse of artisanal fishing gears of the Kenyan coast.

The Amazing McScent™ Machine

I developed a way to navigate by sense of smell as my thesis project at  ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program).